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I finally turned my attention to doing a fountain pen. But not just any fountain pen, a pen made from Sycamore and Denim. And although there are at least two other people other than myself that have created Denim segmented pens, as far as I know, I’m the first to apply it to a Fountain Pen. The one below is it and has been put into my personal collection. If anyone whats one, they are $85 and take about a week to make.




 Today we were told that Chipmunk has Invasive Ductile Carcinoma not only involving the right breast but the lymph nodes as well. We will be meeting with the doc in the morning to discuss treatment options and they want to do more tests to make sure that it hasn’t spread to anywhere else. I’ve been in a fog all day, telling your wife she has cancer does that to you if your any kind of a husband. In almost 26 years of marriage, and 31 years of knowing one another, this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to tell her.

Whatever lays ahead, we will meet it head on together as we have always done.

Well, a few hours ago number one daughter was over and said that I had no right to say what I really think. That was the WRONG thing to say. I pointed out that that’s not the way I was raised and that sure as hell wasn’t the way she was raised, the when a person sees something that is wrong they have a duty to speak out. And that if a person asks me if I agree and I don’t or my opinion about something, I’m going to be freaking honest and give them an honest answer. After almost 57 years on this earth I’m not going to start being a hypocrite now.

And as for the Trumps and Trolls out there, which she isn’t, or the freaking Jesus freaks. Screw them if they can’t handle it. Trump likes to call people that disagree with him “snowflakes” what he forgets is that with enough snowflakes, you get an avalanche.  And nothing can stop it. Ever think that if more people had stood up and spoken out in 1933, Hitler could of never taken power? Trump reminds me of a poor mans hitler, and his followers all goosestepping in sync to his madness and it pisses me the hell off.

So if she wants to appease these morons, that’s her problem. But I for one will not got quietly into the night, I will not go without a fight.

How many will help?

As some of you know I used to do T-Shirts. Fact I did them for 15 years until places like Cafe Press, Zazzle and alike made it impossible to make any real money. So, in the years since I have been slowly working on putting together a pretty decent workshop. Been doing a few coin rings, metal casting. But my real love ever since Jr high has been woodworking. To that end, I’ve been doing pens and a few tables, working right now and an urn and have a combo lamp/table in the design stage that will have a wooden table top and for the legs, copper pipe. But I really want to put a CNC Machine in the shop and take my stuff to the next level.

To that end, I have just launched a go fund me campaign in order to raise the money. I would sincerely appreciate it if you all could either donate or at least share the link. Thank you for your support.

Well, it’s been a busy summer around here. First off, our oldest son, Michael. will be starting at Dennison University at the end of the month.


Then, I was told that I’m a Diabetic. Something that wasn’t really unexpected being that it’s on both sides of my family and is what killed my father back in 1994. Never being one to let shit like that get to me, I’ve been in my workshop toying around with new ideas, most of which will involve getting a CNC machine. Now those machines are not cheap, anywhere from a grand to a $100,000+. So, be the end of this week, I’ll be launching a go fund me page that I hope  will allow me to raise the money. Once the page is up and running, I’ll post the link to it on here.

The link below is to a new youtube channel that although only just started today and has only 4 videos at present, they will be adding more daily, is worth checking out. If you like seeing someone else fail or be downright stupid, and lets face it who doesn’t, go check them out.

Well, had seen someone in a pen group I belong to try this and thought hell, if they can do it so can I. I’m calling them popsicle stick pens but really they’re the size of a tongue depressor. Picked up a pack of them the other day at Michael’s and made a video of my making the second one last night. Video is below, enjoy.

About 10 days ago I received a letter from those morns at S.S. asking for Chipmunks paystubs dating back to June of last year, even though I had already sent them months ago. The letter also said that they would be doing a interview by phone at 2p.m. on the 20th which was 2 days ago. The only calls I got that whole day was from the kids. This morning, I received yet another letter from the assholes that put the blame on me for them not calling, asking yet again for the exact same pay stubs as well as the mortgage documents that state what our damn house payment is!

So now, I’ve got to go into that damn office on the 3rd of April with all this shit just to save what little, and I do mean little, check I do get. Which they had cut from $168 a month to Freakin $56 a month last dec and I haven’t gotten a check since then, not even the $56 per month! Why, because they can’t figure out how to dock me $72 out of that $56 all due to the fact that When I was in appeal 15 years ago, I was still getting my check, I was denied even though their own doc at the hearing said that I should keep my check simply because the doc that they had sent me to, who of course they pay to deny people in the first place, said that all though I was fucked up, both my leg and back, I wasn’t fucked up enough for him. So since then, they have demanded that I pay them $12,000 even though only $4,380 was what they had paid me during the appeal. Which means that they have tacked on over $7,000 in interest!! And that wasn’t interest over a long period of time, the appeal took only one year, and I got the notice that I owed them within a month of losing. So they were saying that I owed almost a $1,000 a month just in interest!!!!

So when I finally got my check back about 5 years ago, they started docking my check $72 a month. Not only that, according to them I still owe them 12 grand! And under Donnie boy, I’m afraid it’s just going to get worse for people like myself for they just don’t give a rats ass just how to loot this country.

Now for sale

Only have 1 set at the moment made up, but there will be more to come.

Made from Spalted Maple and features a unique rotating peg system with rare earth magnets that keep the top locked while in use.