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This video was shot on Michaels birthday, 11/28/2008, the day after thanksgiving. As you can see, we all had fun, but it was Juliet that got the most laughs. She fell on her ass twice and threw the ball backwards 3 times. Hope that you all enjoy this video.



Michaels Birthday

100_1055 Yesterday Michael turned 9. We had his birthday party at of all places the bowling alley and I must say that everyone had a good time. Juliet even tried her hand at bowling, she fell on her ass once and threw the ball backwards 3 times, it was funny as hell. Plan to post the video of her falling on her ass on Metacafe and youtube.


Well, I know that this thanksgiving dinner would be a headache due to most of the board not wanting to get involved with people that they deem beneath them. Seems though that my fears were for nothing for I just now received word from Cliff that it has been canceled. And I am betting that the other group got so pissed at us for the attitude that the others had that that’s why they pulled out. T.O.P.A.S. will never be taken serious as long as they act like stuck up assholes.


Well it’s tuesday already, which leaves one more day until thanksgiving and the homeless dinner. Cliff has yet to call asking for any help so I assume that he doesn’t need it. Have found the perfect laptop for my need, an Acer Aspire one, it’s small, has a 120-160GB harddrive and 1GB of DDR2. Mainly, it’s affordable only costing $350.00. The idea is that I can set up anywhere as long as I have power for the presses and printer(I am thinking portable generator) and a laptop. If I can get this laptop next week, the generator I can deal with Sonny for and come May, put the plan into action. In the meantime, I plan to finish the design catalog, up date the main catalog and order in more supplies a little each month between Jan. and May. Simple really, I just hope that there are no surprises between now and then.


Ever since last night I have had pain in my neck, shoulder and back between my shoulder blades. It’s coming from the slipped disk, and is really getting to be a real bother. It’s also effecting my left hand more and more. There have been times recently that my left hand has been dead, just like when I flip out except that this has been happening without the seizure taking place.I realize that I need to get this checked out, and yet with no insurance, I can’t afford to. For the last thing we need is more bills. 

News from the disgruntled


Well, they had dance practice up at T.O.P.A.S. for the x-mas thing. And Cliff told me that after the first of the year he will be stepping down from the board as well as the newsletter and leaving the Philippine Center job as well. He said that he’s tired of all the shit and I for one don’t blame him. Not only is he stepping down, so are Lisa and Kyle and possible a few others as well. Being that my own term is up next year, I myself must decide If I will seek election or like the others step aside. The problem of course is that if I were to step aside, who would or could rock the boat. At this point in time, nobody. People up there are for the most part sheep, and the ones that are not don’t want the job for it’s so thankless. I also learned that Cliff gets only $75.00 per party up at the center, and after paying Lisa and the others to help out, that leaves him with only $15.00 which comes down to about a $1.00 and hour. Forget that! No wonder that he intends to quit, I would as well. Of course, if I do run again and win, I will insist on assuming the status of publisher of the newsletter and I tell you right now that the ones that remind will not like it, for I will indeed question the rest of the board on matters as well as air the long hidden dirty laundry of the board. I know only one way to run something like that, and that is openly & honestly. Not only that but when the president comes up for re-election in 2010, I will run with the aim of unseating her and restoring the honor of T.O.P.A.S. to it’s rightful place.



I just downloaded Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer, and I hope it works unlike what the windows live email doe’s. I haven’t been able to send an email yet with it. Today has been rather slow compared to some recently. Went looking around to find Kritter again, and no, that’s not a typo for he doe’s indeed spell it with a  "K".  Haven’t seen him in almost a month and the last time I did he wasn’t feeling that well. Cliff said that he saw him about 3 weeks ago over at the carryout at Perdue and Agler roads. Said that he was buying dog food. Only thing is, he doesn’t have a dog. But John doe’s and he only lives a block away so I assume that that was where he was staying at the time. Oh well, he’ll turn up sooner or later.

The picture above by the way was taken last Aug. at the Ohio Railroad Museum up in Worthington Ohio. We took 3 of the kids up, we have 4, because I wanted them to see where they’re grandfather, my father, hung out at when I was little.They seemed to all have a good time and it really took me back as well.

  Well, I have just uploaded most of my designs to this site just in case. I still have to upload the new design catalog once I get it all finished as well as the new product catalog once I ‘ve updated any prices and added a few new things for next year. In going on 11 years that I have been doing t-shirts, I have never been bored with it like I have other things that I’ve done. And yet, lately I have not really been paying the attention to it that I should. Things have gotten a little hectic around here in the past few months. But all that has to change by the first of the year. I have be aggressive and go for broke. Hell, it’s not that I really have anything to lose cept for my sanity that is.