I just downloaded Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer, and I hope it works unlike what the windows live email doe’s. I haven’t been able to send an email yet with it. Today has been rather slow compared to some recently. Went looking around to find Kritter again, and no, that’s not a typo for he doe’s indeed spell it with a  "K".  Haven’t seen him in almost a month and the last time I did he wasn’t feeling that well. Cliff said that he saw him about 3 weeks ago over at the carryout at Perdue and Agler roads. Said that he was buying dog food. Only thing is, he doesn’t have a dog. But John doe’s and he only lives a block away so I assume that that was where he was staying at the time. Oh well, he’ll turn up sooner or later.

The picture above by the way was taken last Aug. at the Ohio Railroad Museum up in Worthington Ohio. We took 3 of the kids up, we have 4, because I wanted them to see where they’re grandfather, my father, hung out at when I was little.They seemed to all have a good time and it really took me back as well.