Well it’s tuesday already, which leaves one more day until thanksgiving and the homeless dinner. Cliff has yet to call asking for any help so I assume that he doesn’t need it. Have found the perfect laptop for my need, an Acer Aspire one, it’s small, has a 120-160GB harddrive and 1GB of DDR2. Mainly, it’s affordable only costing $350.00. The idea is that I can set up anywhere as long as I have power for the presses and printer(I am thinking portable generator) and a laptop. If I can get this laptop next week, the generator I can deal with Sonny for and come May, put the plan into action. In the meantime, I plan to finish the design catalog, up date the main catalog and order in more supplies a little each month between Jan. and May. Simple really, I just hope that there are no surprises between now and then.