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With this Christmas now over, I have a few things to say. Why do we put ourselves through this shit every year? Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, it’s not my favorite holiday, but it is in my big three. It’s the fact that we have became a nation that condones greed that I have a hard time with. You just have to look at what happened about a week before Christmas when that poor guy at the new york Wal-Fart got trampled to death, and the crowd got pissed because they had to stop shopping in order for E.M.S. to do it’s job. What kind of a country are we becoming when people value shopping for the newest gadget more important than a human life? My wife and I did our shopping for the kids the weekend before Christmas, and it was like sharks at a feeding frenzy! And lets face it, a lot of this stuff is junk or at the very least poorly made. Case in point, our oldest daughter bought me a new desk for my desk top. I spent 4 hours putting it together all due to the fact that the legs, which screw together, are plastic and do not screw together like they should. Not only that, they are hollow so you couldn’t use any tools to do it. Typical Wal-Fart junk. And that is what we were fighting over to by our loved ones? And it isn’t just that. According to the newspaper, these freakin idiots that have run what once were good sound companies into the ground now stand to collect Millions in bonuses! What is wrong with us when we reward failure? If you or me did that, we would be facing jail time, and these idiots are getting 5,10,20 or more million! Hey, sign me up for a job like that! But lets get real here, if people do not take a stand and say that enough is enough, this cycle of greed will never end and will be all of our undoing. It’s your choice America, be great once again or keep doing down the rabbit hole. Which do you chose?why nothing at wal marts free



We looked at a house today and it was really strange. The more we went thought it, the more that I got the feeling that I had not only been there, but had at one time lived there. Even though I have never been there before. And the feeling has not yet gone away, but only gotten stronger. I have had déjà vu before but nothing like this. And the thing is, it would take a miracle to get that house for it would take at least two months if we’re lucky to get everything in order enough to move out of this hell hole. 

Tis maybe the season but…..


About an hour ago that idiot blond from the office was over here with a demand for almost $4,000!!!!! Now just how they get that, when the statement this month was for our rent, $475.00 and another $300 in water bill and a few late fees is freakin beyond me. In any case, to deliver such a thing the freakin day before Christmas really sucks!! I’ll be so glad to get the hell out of this place for unlike Jeff, I am not greedy nor do I condone people who are and Ginny is blind to whatever Jeff doe’s. Which just goes to show that love really is blind, but the neighbors ain’t.


We have our section 8 interview on Tuesday, 2 days before Christmas. And try as I might I can’t get it out of my mind. We still have our Christmas shopping to do tomorrow and that should be the only thing on my mind, that and Christmas, but the interview on Tuesday is what my mind keeps centering on. For if we were to get the voucher, that would make the holiday. But I have learned the hard way never to count on anything or for that matter, anybody for if you do, you will always get let down.

Will this be a good X-Xmas?


This month started out really screwed up. But things that have happened this week have shown a promising ending not only to the month but to the year as well. We are now 550 on the section 8 list. It is my hope that it leads to us finally being able to rent a decent house. I am sick and tired of living in apartments as well as having fucked up neighbors. Just yesterday, 3 cops showed up at Juice’s door and forced him to give them a DNA sample. Of course, whatever the asshole is accused of, I have no doubt he did it. I simply have had enough of the dope dealers, sneak thieves and the damn crack heads. There has to be somewhere better in this town to live that   we can afford.

These are links to 2 sound files. They were recorded today in the basement during a e.v.p. session.  The first, your classic rap in response to a question concerning age. The second is really freaky though, I don’t even try to guess what the hell it is, that I leave to you.

Ever have one of those days?


Well, took me two days to get the edited versions of the Christmas party online. And now, when I was posting the unedited version Juliet comes home and close’s it! I intend to post new video to the site, blip,TV, of each topas get together under the heading "the topas report." If the other trustees like it or not, I don’t care. Topas must become far more transparent than it is. the picture by the Photo-0011 way was taken last Saturday at the party. The kids really had a good time and of course Santa made a visit. When Cliff knew that I was going to post the video, he insisted that I separate the video of the youth group from the video of the rest of the party. Which I did in the edited version, But I will not do it in the blip version. again, if he likes it or not, is not my concern. To do so makes it with a too big of a hole in it and that just won’t do.


Ever since the front door opened and closed by itself last Thursday, I have been getting some sort of interference when ever I try to connect to the Wi-Fi. Now, I am certain that the rental office has set up there own network which I can weakly detect, but the signal is so weak that that alone couldn’t mess with ours. And certainly not after Office hours. So, the question remains, Could our resident spook, Kelly, be causing the interference. Being that a ghost is electromagnetic energy, I would think that it would be at least a possibility.  Of  course, the question then becomes how to get her to knock it off. I have been meaning to hold another session but the way things have been lately I just haven’t had the time. That might just be the reason for the activity, she might feel that after all these years she has someone who pays attention to her and then all of the sudden stops. She might feel she’s being ignored again and it of course bothers her. I know it would bug the hell out of me if I was the the ghost.

Now I know what most people who read this will think. That I am a total loonytoon. But considering that I have recorded several E.V.P.’s as well as the personal encounters that I, Kritter, Michael and Catherine have had, there is indeed something haunting that building. If it’s our side or the side next door I can’t say for sure. But it is there and it calls itself Kelly. What her full name is, when she died or how she died I don’t know and more than likely never will. But it doe’s exist, it is real. At least in the ghostly sense. The paranormal, god how I hate that word, can have an effect on electronics, so why not the wi-fi connection? Remember, Ghosts are people too.  

A Really screwed up day.


Today being the 5th we should have gotten our allotment on the food stamp card. Well you can forget that. Seems that being that the state is running out of money, they are now counting kids who are 18 and working. Which in our case means that because Mae works partime at Wendy’s, making less than $200.00 a paycheck, we now make to much money. We can barely afford rent, our bills and food yet we make to much money. How’s that for a hit in the head.     

Finally Wi-Fi


Well, I admit that I had no idea what I was doing, but I finally was able to set up the Wi-Fi. Now there won’t by anymore bitching about not being to go on the net.  Of course, I don’t think Mae has even noticed that I bought a laptop, for she hasn’t commented on it at all. Of course Juliet didn’t talk to me for a day in a half, but with the network, such as it is, now up and running it was worth it.