December 3, 2008



Here I sit in the living room banging away on this new laptop, Juliet pissed upstairs torn between a shot of tequila and a beer, and waiting until I get all my running done. I am  not sure if Mae has noticed that I bought this or not. If she did, she didn’t comment on it. Just as well, she would have just had something smart to say.

Hope to have the wi-fi set up by the end of the week. that way I won’t have to disconnect the desk top when I go online with this, and two people will be able to surf at once. I must admit that I never thought that I would be setting up my own network let alone a wi-fi one, but here I am about to do just that. The fact that Juliet is pissed just goes’ to show that she doesn’t back me in the business, But with this and a generator, I’ll be able to set up the heat presses anywhere. Be it at the flea market, roadside or at the T.O.P.A.S. picnic. That way I won’t need ready made stock, just a few samples and the catalogs. So, now that I have this, other than stock, all I need is a generator and  a mug press to go along with my shirt and hat presses. As for the catalogs, still need to add a few new products to it and as for the design catalog, add the details such as item numbers and such.  In the end, I will be taking the approach that I should have taken 7 years ago. 

As you can see, I have put the date and time up top, I will do that whenever I write an entry that will be delayed in sending to the web. For I won’t transmit this until the wi-fi is up and running.

catherine's first webcam picture       This is the first picture that I took with this things webcam, and even though the was very low light, it came out really good. Problem is, I believe the webcam will only work with windows live messenger, which is sort of a bummer. This being the first laptop I’ve had since the mid 90’s, it takes a bit of getting used to. My old laptop didn’t have a webcam or wi-fi, and was 3 times as big and heavy as well. And although the smaller keyboard will take a bit to get used to, this is a vast improvement over that other one.

Well it’s 2:52p.m. and in a few minutes it will be time to go get Jacob. And then shortly after that, Michael. Juliet works tonight so that will leave me free to work either on this or the desk top, I of course intend to take this to T.O.P.A.S. on Saturday. And I will also have it at the meeting from now on so I can take notes. If I do take over the newsletter from Cliff, I’ll write it on this and start it during each first Saturday. Cliff will flip when he see’s this, his got stolen about a month or so ago so he’s in the market for a new one. Plus most of the ones there are not up one new tech, except for maybe Kyle or Dave Broughton. But Dave hasn’t been there for the past few months, why I don’t know. Well, I had better get ready to go get Jacob so will finish this later. 


jacob on the webcam Well,Jacob just discovered the webcam, and as you can see he takes just as good of a picture as his sister. I wonder just how well this pictures would print out, I could use it maybe to take pictures for shirts and such intead of the digital. But just because it might look good on the screen is no indication of what it would look like blown up. Anyway, will post this after Michael is done with his report and check my mail while at it. In the mean time, have more clothes to throw in the wash as well as dinner to fix. Juliet is closing tonight so it’s up to me  to feed the tribe and maybe tomorrow after getting back from Catherine’s M.R.I. I’ll be able to set up the wi-fi.