Ever since the front door opened and closed by itself last Thursday, I have been getting some sort of interference when ever I try to connect to the Wi-Fi. Now, I am certain that the rental office has set up there own network which I can weakly detect, but the signal is so weak that that alone couldn’t mess with ours. And certainly not after Office hours. So, the question remains, Could our resident spook, Kelly, be causing the interference. Being that a ghost is electromagnetic energy, I would think that it would be at least a possibility.  Of  course, the question then becomes how to get her to knock it off. I have been meaning to hold another session but the way things have been lately I just haven’t had the time. That might just be the reason for the activity, she might feel that after all these years she has someone who pays attention to her and then all of the sudden stops. She might feel she’s being ignored again and it of course bothers her. I know it would bug the hell out of me if I was the the ghost.

Now I know what most people who read this will think. That I am a total loonytoon. But considering that I have recorded several E.V.P.’s as well as the personal encounters that I, Kritter, Michael and Catherine have had, there is indeed something haunting that building. If it’s our side or the side next door I can’t say for sure. But it is there and it calls itself Kelly. What her full name is, when she died or how she died I don’t know and more than likely never will. But it doe’s exist, it is real. At least in the ghostly sense. The paranormal, god how I hate that word, can have an effect on electronics, so why not the wi-fi connection? Remember, Ghosts are people too.