Well, took me two days to get the edited versions of the Christmas party online. And now, when I was posting the unedited version Juliet comes home and close’s it! I intend to post new video to the site, blip,TV, of each topas get together under the heading "the topas report." If the other trustees like it or not, I don’t care. Topas must become far more transparent than it is. the picture by the Photo-0011 way was taken last Saturday at the party. The kids really had a good time and of course Santa made a visit. When Cliff knew that I was going to post the video, he insisted that I separate the video of the youth group from the video of the rest of the party. Which I did in the edited version, But I will not do it in the blip version. again, if he likes it or not, is not my concern. To do so makes it with a too big of a hole in it and that just won’t do.