With this Christmas now over, I have a few things to say. Why do we put ourselves through this shit every year? Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, it’s not my favorite holiday, but it is in my big three. It’s the fact that we have became a nation that condones greed that I have a hard time with. You just have to look at what happened about a week before Christmas when that poor guy at the new york Wal-Fart got trampled to death, and the crowd got pissed because they had to stop shopping in order for E.M.S. to do it’s job. What kind of a country are we becoming when people value shopping for the newest gadget more important than a human life? My wife and I did our shopping for the kids the weekend before Christmas, and it was like sharks at a feeding frenzy! And lets face it, a lot of this stuff is junk or at the very least poorly made. Case in point, our oldest daughter bought me a new desk for my desk top. I spent 4 hours putting it together all due to the fact that the legs, which screw together, are plastic and do not screw together like they should. Not only that, they are hollow so you couldn’t use any tools to do it. Typical Wal-Fart junk. And that is what we were fighting over to by our loved ones? And it isn’t just that. According to the newspaper, these freakin idiots that have run what once were good sound companies into the ground now stand to collect Millions in bonuses! What is wrong with us when we reward failure? If you or me did that, we would be facing jail time, and these idiots are getting 5,10,20 or more million! Hey, sign me up for a job like that! But lets get real here, if people do not take a stand and say that enough is enough, this cycle of greed will never end and will be all of our undoing. It’s your choice America, be great once again or keep doing down the rabbit hole. Which do you chose?why nothing at wal marts free