Well, we won’t be getting section 8, make to much  they said. We’re living paycheck to paycheck and we’re making to much, now that’s a laugh. They say that nothing happens without a reason, and earlier I got a call from Cliff asking how much 3,000 – 5,000 mouse pads and an equal amount of key chains would cost. Emailed him with the figures when we got home, were at the Leather Lips monument when he called. We’re talking  around a $5,000 profit if this would happen, but I am not holding my breath about for I know Cliff to well to count on what he says. 

2009 025 Before we went to see old Leather Lips, we went to Hayden Falls. First time I had been there since 89. For I had that damn brace on my leg at the time from that last bullet I took. It’s changed a lot. They now have decks built down in the gorge in front of the falls. Looking at now, I must have been nuts to have climbed it at the time with that brace on that went from my hip all the way down to my ankle. But I did it, drunk, without breaking my neck.

2009 018  Lastly, we topped it off with a stop at Pizza Hut. By the time we got there, everyone was hungry and I needed a beer or two.

2009 001 So that was a way to divert ones mind on a cold winters day. I know that the problems are still here, but as Juliet said, it just means that we have to concentrate on the goal at hand. With the section 8 denied, I more than ever have to make sure that I don’t fail in making all I want from the new business model work. And I can’t let anything get in the way of that goal so we can at least supplement our income.