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Survived the first party



This past sunday we threw our first party in 4 years. And 99% of everybody showed up. It was a drain, going on until about 10 sunday night. But it was a success though. I’ve added a few of the pictures from it below, and they show only a fraction of the people that were here that day/night. Personally, I am not a big party person. To me, a party of say 5-6 people is a lot better than 10 – 20. But there are times when you have no choice in the matter, when you are expected to put on a "show" for that is what people expect.

th_100_1474  th_100_1439 th_100_1456

th_100_1441 th_100_1443 th_100_1476


Well she wanted excitement


Well, so far since we moved here the neighbor across the street was carried out in a body bag and now the carry out across the street has been robbed. And we haven’t even been here a week yet. She said that Dunbar was boring, so now she has all the excitement she can handle. In the meantime, I have rammed a nail in my head while up in the attic and have a sore throat from hell. But on the bright side, I have begun to set up the bar room, and have only my flags and a couple bar stools to set up before it’s ready.  Which it has to be before the "invasion" of the people from wendy’s and T.o.p.a.s. on Sunday.  


Well, was just up in the attic getting some baseline E.M.P. readings when on the way down I rammed my head is a damn roofing nail! There sticking through all over up there and I knew that and I still was careless as Juliet would say. But on the bright side, the bleeding has stopped and thist will prove to her that the attic is unsafe for a damn family room.



Well, tonight is the first night in the new house. And I shouldn’t be able to surf the web let alone post this. But as soon as I booted up the laptop, it detected a wireless network and connected. Now the only thing I can think of is that it is logging on to the library network. The only problem with that is that it’s about 2 blocks away. If it isn’t that, then someone around here has a wifi network thats not secure. Either way, I win at least for tonight.

A Moving We will go



Well, this is the house that we’re moving to.


And these are a few inside shots.

Photo-0084 Livingroom


Photo-0085 Going from the livingroom into the Diningroom.


Photo-0086 Kitchen.


The house has a full attic as well as the outlets being not in the walls but in the floors, which is a hallmark of a really old house. It also has 3 bedrooms though only one bath. But hey, for only $625.00 a month, I can live with only one bathroom.