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A Long Time Coming



Well, after 15 years, the last time I saw him he was 19, me and J.J. got together. It was good though a bit awkward at first. Hadn’t seen him in 15 years and before that had barely seen him at all. But I am hoping that that is in the past and that we can really get to know one another. He is my brother Jerry’s only son, and although his father was an ass, who I had disowned. That doesn’t mean that me and J.J. can’t have a good relationship like what I had with my own uncles.

Me & J.J.


The lost sheep no more



Tonight I have finally located J.J., my one and only nephew. It’s been 15 years since we last saw one another. And 8 years since I first tried to find him. He’s living about 5 miles north of here on Schrock Road and we talked for over an hour on the phone. I hope that we can get together this weekend. The only thing that concerns me is that he’s ridding with the Outlaws. I never thought that he would be stupid enough to fly any clubs colors. But the main thing is that we have reconnected. Family is after family. It will be good to see him after all these years.

A new look for spring.



Well, being that today is the first full day of spring and I finally got some batteries for the old beard trimmer. I decided to change my look and for the very first time in my life wear it totally different than I ever have in the 30 years that I have worn a beard. So, as you can see by the picture below, I am now sporting Mutton Chops. Juliet and the kids haven’t noticed it yet, but I am sure that there will be some negative comments once they do.



The sales season has begun!



Well in the past 4 days I have done 16 shirts and 6 hats and I hope that that is an omen of a good summer. Have also found a local supplier of blank trucker hats, the only draw back being that you have to buy 5 dozen at a time. Most, not all of the shirts were T.O.P.A.S. 10th anniversary shirts that a bunch of us intend to wear at the next first saturday. I am sure that it will piss certain people off as well as the fact that Kritter is now a member of T.O.PA.S. and is planning to run for Kyle’s seat on the board! We will have matching hats as well by the way. Below is what the design looks like.

Topas 10th anniversary shirt final version




In the past few days have been both working on the website but also doing over a dozen shirts for Cliff based on my revamp of the T.O.P.A.S. logo for the 10th anniversary next month.

Topas 10th anniversary shirt final version Here is the design.


The thing is that I haven’t been paid, he owes my $65.00 for 13 shirts at $5.00 each. And that can be frustrating. Here I am, planning all my strategy for the coming sales season and I already have an accounts receivable of close to $100.00! I need that to order more stock, yet Cliff seems to think that I can wait until he is damn good and ready.And that is not counting the ones for Kyle and his wife or the one he wants for his sign business. He had better not think that he can put off paying his bill forever for I won’t stand for it.  On the lighter side, here is another new design for 2009.


quit bitching


Well, the icemaker is now hooked up and the desk top is up and running and is for the first time wireless. The signal is “low”, but as long as it works, I don’t care.This week will be devoted to paying the rent and organizing this office on mine. Which I would have already done had it not been for the “crud” slowing me up a  bit, still have this damn cough. I have to also finally unload the last load from the van and organize the barroom as well this week, all things that I should have done a week ago. Well as they say, better late then never.