In the past few days have been both working on the website but also doing over a dozen shirts for Cliff based on my revamp of the T.O.P.A.S. logo for the 10th anniversary next month.

Topas 10th anniversary shirt final version Here is the design.


The thing is that I haven’t been paid, he owes my $65.00 for 13 shirts at $5.00 each. And that can be frustrating. Here I am, planning all my strategy for the coming sales season and I already have an accounts receivable of close to $100.00! I need that to order more stock, yet Cliff seems to think that I can wait until he is damn good and ready.And that is not counting the ones for Kyle and his wife or the one he wants for his sign business. He had better not think that he can put off paying his bill forever for I won’t stand for it.  On the lighter side, here is another new design for 2009.


quit bitching