People that know me know that I am not a very religious person. In fact, I despise religion in all it’s forms for if God is real, it was not he that created it but man to control other men. That is not however to say that I do not believe in God. I do indeed believe that there is something higher than we are. If that be a supreme being, a God or Goddess even, I do not know. But something I believe is there guiding us from time to time. Now, NASA has released a photo that is very hard to explain. It is a photo taken of a dying star, and in front of the star, is what appears to be a giant hand. Is this proof that God really doe’s exists? Is this really the "Right hand of God"? I for one really don’t know. I am as yet undecided in what to think of the photo. I post it here for you, the reader to decide that for yourself.