Well. with April half over time is running out in getting everything ready for the 4th of July picnic. I have the Mug press finally and just need to lay in supplies for I have already have my space reserved according to Cliff. This will be make it or break it for us. If we do the sales that I hope we do, we can use that money to spring board ourselves to other locations and events. If we don’t, it will be almost impossible to recover from. The whole point of doing the picnic, is to get more working capitol for a generator and lay in more stock. with those two things done, we can set up anywhere, anytime. Will God be kind and let us sell out everything(or at least 75%) or will he in his warped sense of humor screw us and say that we are overstepping or lot in life? That is the question that will only be answered on July 4th.


because its always beer 30 somewhere