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It’s summertime!!



Well, with the good weather I am at the moment in my “summer office”, a.k.a. the bar on the back deck, working on designs. The garden is doing well and have cut the grass both here and at granny’s. This weekend will of course be as always a working weekend for I have several designs to work on as well as a bunch of stuff to upload to the websites. counting our own, we now have 5 websites that we have designs on. 6 if we go ahead and open the one that would be based in England. That’s a lot of stuff to keep track of, but if it brings the money in, it’s well worth it.



Is this going to far……



I have put with this 2 new designs. Personally, to me, they don’t go far enough though at least 1 person thinks otherwise. First, to really understand them, you have to know what lead me to create them. I was reading on the net about some assholes putting bibles on the tables in the lunch room at a high school in Texas. Well as I scrolled down to the comments, there was one that said that the separation of church and state only applies to “infidels like Jews, Muslims & Catholics, but to “Christians”. After reading that, my first thoughts were “Seig Hail to you to mother fucker.”  It was then that the idea for these designs came to mind. God, how I hate fanatics.


americas version of the taliban       the clean shaven version of the taliban