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Sold one of each of the Neda Memorial Shirts today to a guy in New York. By rights I don’t like to do them. But Neda is more than a person now, she has become a symbol not only to the people of Iran, but to the world as a whole.

Memory of Neda    Neda Lives



First off, two people that I know have died this past week. The first is Jim Castle, Egor’s brother. He died last saturday of a massive stroke. The second I knew only online as Cajun Knight in the Ghost Village Chat room. He died the day before yesterday of brain cancer. They now know the answer to the question of what is death. A question that we all know the answer to sooner or later.


In other news. I am thinking very hard of changing the business name once again. Juliet had pointed out the other day that the name, “U Design It” really doesn’t say what the company really does. So I am thinking of changing it to Freaky Tees and to that end have came up with Freaky Fred seen below. 

freaky tees logo I’ve used fred in several recent designs both with and without his bone box. and he might be just what the company needs, a spokes ghoul.

Chillin Out


Well, Mae got her Sheep Skin last Saturday at Vets. Now the question is can she hack the real world.

IMG_0073_1  IMG_0075_1   IMG_0077_1


At the moment she’s who knows where, Juliet is closing tonight, the other 3 are watching the Simpsons Movie and I am chillin to the radio while downing my 4th beer of the night. Have done 3 designs today, the catalog is up to 63 pages or 251 designs, and the past 5 months has been some of the most productive in over a year. with 131 new designs in that time. Here is today’s 3.

The international symbol for marriage   DONT WORRY GET STONED copy   I scored high on my drug test



Well, other than getting ready for the 4th of July picnic. We have also been trying to get ready for the parties next Sunday. Yes, I said parties. One will be Jacob’s 6th birthday, the other will be Mae’s Grad party. Correction, Mae and 2 other classmates party. We were not asked about this, we only found out after she had passed out the invites. Now, we have a little Weber style grill, that is not and can not handle all the food that I will have to cook on it. So, I ordered a homemade one that a guy does out of 50 gallon drums. which she not  only deems dangerous but to big. A couple hundred people will more than likely show up and she can’t see the need for a new, bigger grill. Ok, dream world number one. Then she came home with a halogen work light. She knows it’s a light, that’s about it. She has no idea how bright these things are or expensive they can be to use. It’s 500 freaking watts!! All she saw was that it was a light and only $10.00. Dream World number two. It must be nice to be that naive, not to have the face the real world everyday.

In light fare, Jacob has already gotten out of school for the summer. He survived kindergarten. Now he only has to survive the next 12 years.