Well, other than getting ready for the 4th of July picnic. We have also been trying to get ready for the parties next Sunday. Yes, I said parties. One will be Jacob’s 6th birthday, the other will be Mae’s Grad party. Correction, Mae and 2 other classmates party. We were not asked about this, we only found out after she had passed out the invites. Now, we have a little Weber style grill, that is not and can not handle all the food that I will have to cook on it. So, I ordered a homemade one that a guy does out of 50 gallon drums. which she not  only deems dangerous but to big. A couple hundred people will more than likely show up and she can’t see the need for a new, bigger grill. Ok, dream world number one. Then she came home with a halogen work light. She knows it’s a light, that’s about it. She has no idea how bright these things are or expensive they can be to use. It’s 500 freaking watts!! All she saw was that it was a light and only $10.00. Dream World number two. It must be nice to be that naive, not to have the face the real world everyday.

In light fare, Jacob has already gotten out of school for the summer. He survived kindergarten. Now he only has to survive the next 12 years.