First off, two people that I know have died this past week. The first is Jim Castle, Egor’s brother. He died last saturday of a massive stroke. The second I knew only online as Cajun Knight in the Ghost Village Chat room. He died the day before yesterday of brain cancer. They now know the answer to the question of what is death. A question that we all know the answer to sooner or later.


In other news. I am thinking very hard of changing the business name once again. Juliet had pointed out the other day that the name, “U Design It” really doesn’t say what the company really does. So I am thinking of changing it to Freaky Tees and to that end have came up with Freaky Fred seen below. 

freaky tees logo I’ve used fred in several recent designs both with and without his bone box. and he might be just what the company needs, a spokes ghoul.