Well, yesterday was the picnic at T.O.P.A.S. and we made less than 10% of what we had hoped we would. I had hoped that we would at least clear $800.00 we only took in though $105.00 Thats the bad news. The good news is that it did get us exposure. People picked up twice as many business cards than we passed out and several people came back and ordered more. The thing is, the whole event was but a ghost of what it has been in the past. Only a handful of people even showed up, and unlike in years past, instead of it lasting till say 11 or even midnight, everyone had for the most part left by 9:30! The fact that there was no Lechon {roast Pig} mat have had a lot to do with it. Plus that fact that ever since the last election, the trustees have been so tight in spending money that it’s getting that all the fun is rapidly going out of the first saturdays. So much so, that certain people are taking about forming a splinter group and telling T.O.P.A.S. to shove it just like the founders of T.O.P.A.S. did when they broke away from P.A.S.C.O. 10 years ago. If this keeps up, T.O.P.A.S. will be history within another 2-3 years.


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