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The Coffee Party

I was taking a break from posting designs on the website this morning when I came accross something that I found very interesting. People are coming to their senses and revolting agaisnt these damn tea party and conservitive jackasses! I myself have joined just this afternoon and below is the first two designs .

The Choices We Make

Ever think about the choices you make in your life? My mother had a stroke last October, she was at the time 82. I had been at the time thinking of expanding into the food business with a hot dog cart.  Since then I have been attending to her affairs and have been thinking things over. Before I got into doing t shirts, Juliet and I had a resturant when we still lived in the Philippines and I never much cared for it. It was a few years later that I started the t shirts and never looked back. That was 12 years ago and I have never had any regrets. The choices that we make shape who we become.  I am not only happy with what I do I enjoy it. And that is why I  will continue to
bring our customers the very best in products and designs, for that is our responsability to you our customers.

A few corrections

Although I had figured that the ecrater site would be hut down by now I of course haven’t. Though I have shut down the 1freecart site for it never did produce.
I have been so into trying to make the perfect site that I have to admit that it will never be perfect and just concentrate on doing the best I can. T that end, being that Microsoft live now allows paypal buttons, I am trying to whip it into what I have always wanted, a site to give our customers the very best experiance they can have.   

It’s been over a year since I have added an entry. We were still living over on Dunbar at the time. Since then a lot has changed, Mainly, my mother moved in with us after having a stroke, she just turned 83 last month and is as mean as ever. We found a house built sometime in the late 1800’s and have been here sine Feb. 2009. I had considered starting a hotdog business to bring in extra cash but I just can’t get into it. After owning a restarunt a few years back, mid 90’s, thats not really my thing. And therefore will stick to what I know and love, my T-shirts. Below is a few new designs.
In other news, today is Juliets birthday, Happy Birthday Darlin.