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Today was a good day. And that’s not because of sales but future sales. I started going by the funeral homes today trying to get them interested in refering their customers to us for memorial shirts and mugs and I got a lot better reception than I thought I might. I got the impression that there had never had a t shirt company contact them directly before, and that could be in our favor. As they say, only time will tell.

Below are 2 new designs, Enjoy.


REPUBLICANS EAT THEIR YOUNG    Republicans the new face of evil


A Very Strange Start Of The Day


This morning while I was at Kroger’s getting my morning paper. A women who works there, about my age came up to me and said that she had wanted to talk to me before but was afraid to. Seems that She had quit drinking 19 years ago and remembered me from back when she was drinking and remembered that we had had words one time and wanted after all these years to apologize. Personally I do not remember her one bit, but that’s not to say that what she said happened didn’t. Just that it was so trivial to me that it wasn’t worth remembering. Anyway, here’s a new design that was inspired by what happened this morning. Dont hate me because I am perfect hate me because I am a bitch

Why Wait?


I was going to delete the ecrater site at midnight on April 1st. Instead I deleted it one minute ago. I know that it is taking a risk, but we can’t go around having multiple sites. I am also planning to add a front or back option to the buttons on the site as well as a black tee option to certain designs. I have to be aggressive like I was in the old days. I cannot continue to second guess myself which is something that I have done for far to many years now. When I was younger, it seemed so easy to make money. But as an adult I seemed to lose my edge, my drive if you will. That is something that I must get back, I must drive myself and push myself as hard as I did in the old days and if I do, I know that I will succeed.  

Mind just won’t slow down

 Well, so far I have done 4 new designs today, already have them posted on the site, as well as added 2 new catagories. And I am still all hyped up. What I need is a good cigar and a beer. But I doubt if that will really do the trick. The hearing on Grannys house is on monday and until that is over I doubt if my mind will know any peace at all. God how I hate freakin banks.

Another how to video

Well, Just uploaded another how to video, the 3rd one, to the web. Since we started doing them, our hits are up 300% Now all we need is to translate that to sales and we’ll be all set.

A new how to video


Well, posted a new hjow to video on youtube and metacafe. This time about how to do a mug.Hope it racks up some views.


This is the video that is on both youtube and metacafe. Enjoy.


 So far this weekend I have done nothing much. Of course that will change tomorrow as once again I enter the rat race with all the other rats. Placed a "How To" video on the site to show how to create a shirt, of course without the right equipment a regular person couldn’t do it. It’s less than a minute long so even people with short attetion spans won’t have a problem watching it all the way through. Did do a design for a couple mugs and a shirt that I donated for the raffle at T.O.P.A.S. last night which I have included with this entry. It took less than 30 minutes to go from idea to finished product.

playing with the new printer


Well the new supplies came today including the new printer. Made signs for the new car as well as the first “Drinking License” shirt that I plan to wear tomorrow at T.O.P.A.S. Other than that an finishing Critters sweat shirt, didn’t do anything else. Next month need of course more shirts and will get a few dozen hats in as well.



The Official Drinking License shirt

New Design

 Had planned to add this to my last entry. We had went and had dinner with some people that we know from T.O.P.A.S. last week and the husband was the inspiration for this design