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As you can see by the designs below, sometimes I go with a subject and binge. Some would say that in doing that a person can go  overboard. But the way I see it, as long as you have restraint and limit how many designs you do on a subject to 6 or less, your fine. So enjoy what’s below.



Obay the pug    big brother face book    BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU    Big brother keyhole



As many know, my wife is from the southern Philippines. This morning, after being here for the past 9 years she finally took the citizen test and past it easy. What’s funny is the fact that she didn’t even realize that she was taking it! She was called back and thought that the examiner was simply making small talk and that the test would of course be by way of a computer set up as well as multiple choice due to the fact that, hey this is America after all a high tech country. And the next thing  she knows the examiner says “ok, you passed.” When she came out she had a confused look on her face and once she told me everything I laughed my ass off. Oh well, At least now she’ll be a citizen.

What a day


Today is a special day for me. For it is mine and my wife’s 17th wedding anniversary. Not many people these days can say that they have been together as long as we have and that’s a shame. For everyone needs someone to share the adventure that we call life. Of course, the day we were married was a very trying one. We were married in Juliet’s home town of Guindulman, that’s on the island of Bohol in the southern Philippines. The judge was to say the least buzzed, having been at his god daugthers birthday party earlier that morning, not to mention being about an hour late for the wedding. Afterwords, we had the reception at her aunt’s eatery and we ran out of food! Since then, we have shared our lives together through 4 kids and of course after the first 8 years there, relocating back here to Columbus in 2001. To quote the greatful dead, what a long strange trip it’s been. And maybe in another 50 or 60 years we’ll find out how it ends.

Anyway, here are 2 new designs. Enjoy


Official kick ass shirt    This is my naughty shirt



I don’t know why but this month we have had over a 150 orders for Memorial shirts. normally, we seldom ever get such orders, maybe once every year or two. So getting almost 200 of them in less than a month is a bit unusual. A 150 of them have been for orange shirts with the lettering and design in black, Harley Colors, with the pocket on the front. Which we don’t normally carry but what ever the person wants we try to do. Anyway, have included 2 new designs that I hope give a good laugh. Enjoy.


Hey dumbass heres your sign   Trying to live a rolls royce lifestyle on a vw income