Well, yesterday finished and delivered 30 family reunion shirts and today got an order fro St. Mathias for 30 – 40 shirts for next month. Plus waiting to hear from the Aragon about what they’re doing, they may need shirts depending on if they will have another benefit next month. Plus been doing a lot of new designs lately. You know people complain about being to busy and having to much stress, but I love being busy and I eat stress for breakfast. They’re all freakin wimps!


 The Jerk Store Called Their Running Out Of You     when it comes to peices of paper my favorite color is green


Of course you do have to find time for the family. Below are pictures we took last Tuesday, June 15, when we went to Zoombezl Bay for Jacob’s 7th birthday. The Kids all had a good time, and I got sunburned.


IMG_0647    IMG_0653    IMG_0640