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Today has finally seen the 300th design posted to the website. With that, one might wonder if we’ll take a break and coast for a while, NOT A CHANCE. Now, there’s the 500th design mark to make and break. As you can see, when we say that we have more designs than anyone else on the web, we mean just that.



                Design 299                                                Design 300

I wanted to be a sex feind but I couldnt pass the physical  I think I am God therefore I am



I just spent close to 20 minutes dealing with t mobile’s customer service. All I wanted to do was to refill our flex account with a $10.00 refill card to get us though till the weekend when I would pay our bill. Seems that even though we have 750 minutes, we had somehow used them all. Now I know from this happening once before that even though you would pay the bill, it doesn’t do a damn bit of good if you pay say a week before your due date, ours is on the 5th of the month, because the payment is never credited until that date. So we figured that we would buy a refill card this time and do it that way. Well after 20 minutes of dealing mainly with computers that kept sending me back to the same place that then would send me back to the freakin computers I had had enough. So I said screw it, went on their website and did it there in less than 2 minutes.


The moral I suppose is that although computers have their place, customer service isn’t one of them. Which is why you will never get a damn computer if you call us. Instead it’s a live human being from beginning to end the way it’s supposed to be.



for those days when you have to deal with one inflamed asshole after another

A lazy summer day



Well as I sit here on the front porch going over email & site stats while listening to the radio waiting for ups to get here so I can finish an order that will picked up tomorrow. I think about all the other summers before, the summers when I was young and didn’t have the same cares and responsibilities that I do now. I think we all look back as we get older and wonder just how we got to where we are in life. For me, life has been a long strange trip. As anyone can see from the designs I do. Now, that we are to open at the Mall of America come sept. I am taken back to when I was in high school working for a guy named Carl at the Mystery Castle. We had a blast doing magic as well as working for Carl who kept a bed of nails in the back so he would have a place to nap. And whenever someone said he was weird, he would say “thanks, but I haven’t achieved total weirdness yet.”  That was over 30 years ago, but it is as clear to me as if it was yesterday. It is also the same type of environment that I plan for the new location. A place where everyone can feel at ease and the fun, weird and down right strange never stops. So be ready my friends, for all the weirdness of Freaky Tee’s, Freaky Fred and free thinking is about to be unleashed. So come, and unleash your freaky side!!


Warning My dog has a gun and refuses to take his meds


Today, as I always do I sat here on the front porch and read my Sunday paper. Being old fashioned I prefer a newspaper over the net any day. It was while reading my paper that I saw a story saying that Arizona, in all it’s bigotry, has allowed a group of Nazi’s to patrol part of the U.S., Mexican border and they are armed to the teeth. Now being that I had family in the camps, I take a very dim view of this sort of thing. Even though I proudly call myself a liberal, I still consider the only good Nazi or Klansman a dead one. So I went back and redesigned the only design we had on the issue and added something. Can you guess what it was? Whereas I do agree that something must be done to stem the tide of wetbacks, the only lasting way of doing it is to force the Mexican government to improve conditions there in Mexico itself so it’s people won’t feel the need to come here to provide for their families. Until that is done, no amount of armed morons on the border will stop anything and instead only ensure that sooner or later there will be innocent blood spilled.



Arizona Being Racist So You Dont Have To



First off, below you will find the video from last Tuesday, July 13th when Juliet took the oath and finally became a U.S. Citizen. She along with 59 others were sworn in at the federal courthouse here in Columbus.



Juliet with her citizenship certficate Juliet with her Citizenship certificate


Below, though it might no look like much now, is the site of where our booth will be at the Market Place Of America Mall come Sept. By Sept. It is going be totally transformed and we will be in full swing. Both Juliet Becoming a Citizen and our opening our first non internet location is something that we have worked hard for years to achive. Believe me when I say that hard work in the end does indeed pay off.


Micheal holding the banner at our soon to be shop

I Hate Snobs!!



The other day I posted Something on the T-Shirt Forum. Which is a BB for those of us that are in this business. I had posted that we had signed a deal to open a place in the Market Place Of America that is a cross between a flea market and a up scale Bazaar. Within a day someone had posted a reply stating that they would never “Cheapen Their Art” by selling in such a place. Now as you can see from the pictures that I have posted below, They have taken an old abandoned mall and really transformed it. It will have the movie theater reopened and be really nice and we are really looking forward to moving in there by the time it opens in Sept.   I replied the only way I could by calling him what he is, a snob. Lets face it, T-Shirts like Graffiti are the art of the common man. They all the last outlet for freedom of speech fully protected by the first amendment. If you are old like me and remember Woody Guthrie, he had on his guitar the words “This Machine Kill’s Fascist.” And to some extent, everytime a person expresses his opinon on his shirt he follows that tradition. So to all the snobs, censors and Fascist everywhere I say screw you, I am going to wear and think what I want for this is America!!


This was on NBC 4, WCMH here in Columbus

Here are pictures of what the inside of the mall looks like. We would like to invite everyone to come out to see us starting Labor Day Weekend.

tn_airydesign1_jpg   tn_airydesign2_jpg  tn_opendesign_jpg  tn_cinemacityphoto_jpg


This Morning we added our 263rd t-shirt design to the site. And we are on our way to the 300th before labor day gets here. I won’t kid you, coming up with all these isn’t easy. Most come from simply talking to other people. Some come from seeing something that’s funny and others simply pop out of the blue. Of course, you have to be alittle twisted and very bent to make it in this business to begin with for so called “Normal” people don’t think this stuff up. Below is a good example, it’s number 263.


Arizona Being Racist So You Dont Have To


Well, we are indeed going to have a space in the new Market Place Of America Mall. We will be one of 600 vendors and we’ll be located close to the Movie theater. And possibly as a result, I have been on a design binge the past couple days with no end in site. Some of the new ones I have posted below, all are already on the site by the way. Enjoy.


I love strippers  17560 days since I gave a shit  I love my kids even though they are ungrateful little sluts   piss off would you like to buy a vowel


Well, they say that tomorrow it will rain and God only knows that we need it. Like most of the country Columbus has been cooking with the heat in the 90’s for a week now.

Tomorrow, We are going to check out a location in the old Brice outlet mall on the east side of Columbus. It has new owners and they have some big plans for the site that if they do as they say they’re going to, we want to be part of it.

As many of you might have guessed, we here at Freaky Tee’s are not to fond of the Fox News crowd. Which is where the design below comes in at. I don’t know how many people remember it, but back in the 70’s there was a Magazine called the Children’s Express. I had at the time the honor of working as a field editor for the here in Columbus while in high school. And I hate it when people like those morons at fox twist the news to fit their own view of the world. A reporter is to report the news, not invent it.



we fix the news the way we like it


Well, today got a new laptop and of course it  runs windows 7. Although it will take a while to get used to, so far so good. While I was at it, I also upgraded my design software to print shop 2.0, I ‘ve got print shop 23 on all the other computers, and that’s when the trouble started. It would seem that once you upgrade, any files that you created with an older version of the program cannot be opened with 2.0!   And that SUCKS!!! I have used Print Shop for almost 20 years and before the program was always reliable. But not only did they screw up on the ability to things done by older versions, but did a really lousy redesign of the program period. $50.00 wasted.