Well, they say that tomorrow it will rain and God only knows that we need it. Like most of the country Columbus has been cooking with the heat in the 90’s for a week now.

Tomorrow, We are going to check out a location in the old Brice outlet mall on the east side of Columbus. It has new owners and they have some big plans for the site that if they do as they say they’re going to, we want to be part of it.

As many of you might have guessed, we here at Freaky Tee’s are not to fond of the Fox News crowd. Which is where the design below comes in at. I don’t know how many people remember it, but back in the 70’s there was a Magazine called the Children’s Express. I had at the time the honor of working as a field editor for the here in Columbus while in high school. And I hate it when people like those morons at fox twist the news to fit their own view of the world. A reporter is to report the news, not invent it.



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