The other day I posted Something on the T-Shirt Forum. Which is a BB for those of us that are in this business. I had posted that we had signed a deal to open a place in the Market Place Of America that is a cross between a flea market and a up scale Bazaar. Within a day someone had posted a reply stating that they would never “Cheapen Their Art” by selling in such a place. Now as you can see from the pictures that I have posted below, They have taken an old abandoned mall and really transformed it. It will have the movie theater reopened and be really nice and we are really looking forward to moving in there by the time it opens in Sept.   I replied the only way I could by calling him what he is, a snob. Lets face it, T-Shirts like Graffiti are the art of the common man. They all the last outlet for freedom of speech fully protected by the first amendment. If you are old like me and remember Woody Guthrie, he had on his guitar the words “This Machine Kill’s Fascist.” And to some extent, everytime a person expresses his opinon on his shirt he follows that tradition. So to all the snobs, censors and Fascist everywhere I say screw you, I am going to wear and think what I want for this is America!!


This was on NBC 4, WCMH here in Columbus

Here are pictures of what the inside of the mall looks like. We would like to invite everyone to come out to see us starting Labor Day Weekend.

tn_airydesign1_jpg   tn_airydesign2_jpg  tn_opendesign_jpg  tn_cinemacityphoto_jpg