Today, as I always do I sat here on the front porch and read my Sunday paper. Being old fashioned I prefer a newspaper over the net any day. It was while reading my paper that I saw a story saying that Arizona, in all it’s bigotry, has allowed a group of Nazi’s to patrol part of the U.S., Mexican border and they are armed to the teeth. Now being that I had family in the camps, I take a very dim view of this sort of thing. Even though I proudly call myself a liberal, I still consider the only good Nazi or Klansman a dead one. So I went back and redesigned the only design we had on the issue and added something. Can you guess what it was? Whereas I do agree that something must be done to stem the tide of wetbacks, the only lasting way of doing it is to force the Mexican government to improve conditions there in Mexico itself so it’s people won’t feel the need to come here to provide for their families. Until that is done, no amount of armed morons on the border will stop anything and instead only ensure that sooner or later there will be innocent blood spilled.



Arizona Being Racist So You Dont Have To