Well as I sit here on the front porch going over email & site stats while listening to the radio waiting for ups to get here so I can finish an order that will picked up tomorrow. I think about all the other summers before, the summers when I was young and didn’t have the same cares and responsibilities that I do now. I think we all look back as we get older and wonder just how we got to where we are in life. For me, life has been a long strange trip. As anyone can see from the designs I do. Now, that we are to open at the Mall of America come sept. I am taken back to when I was in high school working for a guy named Carl at the Mystery Castle. We had a blast doing magic as well as working for Carl who kept a bed of nails in the back so he would have a place to nap. And whenever someone said he was weird, he would say “thanks, but I haven’t achieved total weirdness yet.”  That was over 30 years ago, but it is as clear to me as if it was yesterday. It is also the same type of environment that I plan for the new location. A place where everyone can feel at ease and the fun, weird and down right strange never stops. So be ready my friends, for all the weirdness of Freaky Tee’s, Freaky Fred and free thinking is about to be unleashed. So come, and unleash your freaky side!!


Warning My dog has a gun and refuses to take his meds