I just spent close to 20 minutes dealing with t mobile’s customer service. All I wanted to do was to refill our flex account with a $10.00 refill card to get us though till the weekend when I would pay our bill. Seems that even though we have 750 minutes, we had somehow used them all. Now I know from this happening once before that even though you would pay the bill, it doesn’t do a damn bit of good if you pay say a week before your due date, ours is on the 5th of the month, because the payment is never credited until that date. So we figured that we would buy a refill card this time and do it that way. Well after 20 minutes of dealing mainly with computers that kept sending me back to the same place that then would send me back to the freakin computers I had had enough. So I said screw it, went on their website and did it there in less than 2 minutes.


The moral I suppose is that although computers have their place, customer service isn’t one of them. Which is why you will never get a damn computer if you call us. Instead it’s a live human being from beginning to end the way it’s supposed to be.



for those days when you have to deal with one inflamed asshole after another