As anyone who has been to our site will notice, we have been rearranging things and tweaking it a bit. We have added a Native American Section with designs from the Native American point of view brought to you by both Magik and Fisherman Chuck. We also now have back in stock both poker chips and the wrap around beer koozies. But are at the moment in limited supply and are first come first get. We have also will be adding the new SubliSlates. These slates are fantastic and make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries and alike. Watch for them in Sept. We also in Sept. will be adding 9”x 9” Fiber Glass Reinforced Signs Based on some of our most popular T-Shirt designs.  Below are some of the new Native American designs, Enjoy.


Americas first welfare line    dont like securing your border how you like reservations    Chief Dan George blessing    As far as I am concerned your all illegal aliens    Only the white man beats his meat native americans jerky it