A certain person we know that shall remain nameless, due to the fact that he doesn’t even deserved to be named, is a freakin MORON! People wonder where I get some of my designs, it’s from dealing with morons like him, pure and simple. This jackass has been talking about wanting some shirts made up, and yet he has yet to come up with the money and lied to his partner right in front of me yesterday about paying me for the first 24 shirts that he wants! He wants by the way 50+ shirts all total. The only honest thing he told her yesterday was that he had gave me a disk with the art work for the 24 we had discussed. But again, he had said that there was a list of all the sizes on it as well and there isn’t. I already heard from a friend in this business, he doe’s banners and a few styles of shirts as well, that this dumbass ripped him off for $150.00 worth of banners. Now, 46 t’s at $8.50 per shirt comes to $391.00 plus 4 polo’s at $15 per shirt, the grand total being $451.00 Freakin buck’s! Now I ask you, would you trust this slimeball with that amount of product knowing what I just said?



Wipe your mouth you still have a little bit of bullshit around your lips  Inspired by all the freakin Morons.