I have always had a fondness for cats. As a kid I had one that grew to be 17 years old before he finally passed. To me a cat is the whole meaning of cool that a dog can never be. Don’t get me wrong, we also have a stupid ass dog out back. We don’t let her in though for the cat would indeed kill it.

We have two cats, their brother and sister. Bear, the male is crossed with a Siamese and is a very beautiful cat and knows it to. His sister, who the kids call sparkle for some damn reason, is the spitting image of her mother. It is Sparkle that has a very strange habit. You see she has taken to laying in the gutter that hangs from our front porch roof. Everyday she lays there as if she is the queen and she is holding court. Why she picked the gutter is beyond me, but as long as she’s cool with it I guess it’s okay. Who says that you can’t look cool in the gutter, she does.




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