A couple days ago we went to a birthday party of a kid whose parents we know. All was want you would expect from a party like that, boring, until I got talking to this moron who supports the freakin tea party. His point of view was this, that no one really depends on Social Security, that there are no homeless in America and every social program be it S.S., food stamps, medicaid, Medicare or any other program that helps people is illegal simply because it is not mentioned in the constitution. Had we stayed, I would have tap danced on his skull, I was that mad. How, how can anyone really believe that we would be better off if we brought back the poor house which this moron is in favor of. What pisses me off even more is that these morons keep quoting people like Jefferson, Madison, Adams and Franklin to prove their point and condem what they see as the “demon liberals” and yet the very men they quote were the most liberal men to walk the earth since Jesus!! Well I am a damn liberal and I am proud of it!!! And all these damn tea party idiots, morons & dumbasses and kiss my liberal white ass!!