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3 days and counting


We were out at the new shop today and everything is looking good for our opening in 3 days. Will be out there again tomorrow to attend to a few minor details as well as to pick up our new business cards and then a couple days to relax before we open on friday.



2010-10-11_13.52.16 2010-10-11_13.52.26 2010-10-11_13.52.38 2010-10-11_14.14.04


It’s really looking good


Was out at the shop and did our displays as well as took out more stock. The only thing left to take out is the presses and I won’t do that till next Wednesday.


2010-10-07_12.39.11     2010-10-07_12.43.22  2010-10-07_12.39.18

It’s Official


Finally, after a 6 week delay the new Marketplace of America Mall where we will be opening our first stand alone location will open on Oct. 15th with the grand opening set for Halloween weekend!! The city yesterday just passed them on their last two inspections which was the only thing that was delaying the opening in the first place. We will be moving more stock in, we have 84 pounds of shirts and supplies coming today, later this week as well as finishing our own set up. Until then, it will be business as always. Have 15 shirts for a Halloween party to do by the 23rd, currently waiting on all the pictures for each shirt will be customized with that persons picture used as a mosaic that makes up a skull with the wording “Inside me breeds insanity.” A sample, which I did day before last is below. I did it for the parties host which just happens to be an old friend of over 40 years.


Robs insanity shirt

Finally 400!!


Well, it’s been less than a month since I wrote that we would soon have 400 designs on the site. And tonight we finally reached it. So would you think that we would rest a bit, nah, we already have 401 and 402 waiting to join their brothers and sisters on the site. All this while also getting ready to open our first brick and mortar store next weekend. Needless to say, I am a bit nervous about it. But I am sure that it will be a hit. Now, for the magik 397-400th designs.



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