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God how I hate bigots!!!!

Today I read that the small minded bigots over at fox news had condemned Obama for writing a children’s book that says that a good role model for kids is the great Lakota Chief Sitting Bull. When I read that, it made my blood boil! Are they so bigoted that they can’t stand a white kid having an Native American as a hero? And if it’s because of the outcome of the battle of the little bighorn let me remind them that Custer lost fair and square, and that Sitting Bull did not take part in the freaking battle! He was and old man and stayed in the camp making medicine as a Shaman and medicine chief, it was Crazy Horse that led the Lakota into battle and defeated Custer, Not Sitting Bull.

As a result, I present the two new designs below. Honoring 2 of the greatest Native American Hero’s of all time.




I have the upmost respect for all of our customers, but sometimes there are those that really are something else. Case in point, this past month we had an order from a person that for some reason they didn’t include either the color or size. I have emailed him now 3 times on the subject and until now hadn’t gotten a reply. Just a few minutes ago I finally did and it was a real stupid one. instead of simply answering what I had asked so I can go ahead and ship the order, he sent me a copy of it, which does not have the info I need and demanded to know where the order was! Again, I have sent him and email stating that I need the size if nothing else and have asked him to reply a.s.a.p. Now the question is, will he reply with the information I need to complete his order, or will he be a complete moron?



Sarah the nut palin queen of the morons