I have the upmost respect for all of our customers, but sometimes there are those that really are something else. Case in point, this past month we had an order from a person that for some reason they didn’t include either the color or size. I have emailed him now 3 times on the subject and until now hadn’t gotten a reply. Just a few minutes ago I finally did and it was a real stupid one. instead of simply answering what I had asked so I can go ahead and ship the order, he sent me a copy of it, which does not have the info I need and demanded to know where the order was! Again, I have sent him and email stating that I need the size if nothing else and have asked him to reply a.s.a.p. Now the question is, will he reply with the information I need to complete his order, or will he be a complete moron?



Sarah the nut palin queen of the morons