Come this time tomorrow we will have officially have left the Market Place Of America Mall. This wasn’t an easy decision  to make. But as long as morons and idiots are in charge of the mall, there is no way that any of the vendors will ever make money out there and I refuse to throw good money after bad. And although this will mean shutting down the shop for now, we are still going to be around. Until we can find a new location, we will still be on the net and doing business here at the house. I’ve been told that the two morons, freddick and barbie will be heading back to florida, but the 3 idiots, bryan, mark and mario will still be there running things in place of the morons. That being the case, nothing will change. I feel sorry for those vendors still out there as well as any new ones that are foolish enough to believe all the Bull that they will be told to get them to open a booth. As for us, we have been around for close to 13 years and we’re not going anywhere. For it is our mission to unleash the freaky side in everyone.


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Christmas is cancelled   miss tsa   High in spite of life   If you cant beat them try a big   Ban the scan