In 3 days it will be a month since my mother died. At 83 years of living, she had had a hard life but never complained. She was a hard woman who never gave up until the very end. You see she had hounded for 5 years by National City, and although she had finally won that battle, at the cost of a stroke, right before she died we were informed the the house would be sold out for under her at a sheriffs sale. Will find out why tomorrow. After that, she went down hill and died in her bed about 10 days later. 

She had lived with us for the last 11 months of her life. And now that she’s gone the house seems oh so quite.  And although there were times that she made mine and my brothers lives hell when we were growing  up, as well as had on ongoing war with the grand kids, she also taught me a lot about life, lessons that as I get older I more fully understand.  When it came time for the funeral, I am the one that gave the elegy. And although I had written 3 pages to read that day, I have no idea what I said, just that it wasn’t anything that I had planned on saying.

In the end, life had won and she was so tired of fighting. So she went to sleep and let herself drift away. And we that are left must continue the fight that is life, not only for her but for ourselves. Just as when it is our time to cross over to whatever awaits us the next generation will carry on. In the end, she ran a good race, she fought a good fight, she kept the faith.