As I am writing this it is 11:53p.m. Jan.27th. In 7 minutes I will officially turn 49 and our youngest, Catherine will turn 6. Of course at her age, there is big excitement at turning another year older. But as I turn 49, I realize that time is indeed moving faster. And that try as I might, I won’t live forever. But on the other hand, it has been a rather long strange trip. And in that spirit, I present the brand new designs below. On Saturday will check out Caesar’s Creek which is just over 70 miles southwest of here to see if it will work as the new home for the shop, and after that, will take Catherine to the toy store so she can pick out her own Birthday present, and yes I know that’s a day late. A will top it off with a family dinner at Yin Yue. And my final year in the 40’s will be off and running. As for tomorrow though, I am getting freakin drunk on beer and Tequila!!



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