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Tonight we posted our 500th design on the site. It’s taken a long while to get to this point. And although it is a small milestone, now that it has gotten to 500, can 1000 be far behind? of course you have to ask is are that many designs feasible. How big is too big? On one hand I don’t want to just have the same old stuff, but on the other hand, would people really look at that many designs without getting bored? Below by the way is number 500.


Goodbye cruel world




Well, while most people went to big parties during the superbowl, we went to a rather small one. In fact other than the host, only one other person was invited to it. All 3 of us have know each other for over 40 years and it wasn’t until last fall that we all, 2 of us had kept in touch the 3rd was m.i.a. for 7 years,  connected again. It was both good and a little like being in a time machine.  Since we have kept in touch all the way around for I for one am tired of only seeing people from the past at freaking funerals.





As for new designs, we have as of last night put our 492and design on the site with the addition of the ones below. Which just goes to show that we just keep getting freakier.



God save me from these freakin morons Race it break it fix it repeatTheres plenty of room for all Gods creatures right next to the mashed potatoesRepublicans the first step with any comtagion is containment