22 years ago today I took a .45 caliber long colt hollow point round in my left knee from 3 feet. It was just be dumb luck that I didn’t lose my leg and to this day I still have 5 pieces of the bullet in my leg. Needless to say, that day changed my life. I have never walked right since, I can’t run anymore nor can I ride a bike with the kids. And there’s hardly a day that goes by that there isn’t any pain, and when I say pain that’s exactly what I mean. Had that not happened, I might not of gone into the T-shirt business. So to some extent, it made me who I am today. Now, 22 years later I have torn up my freakin left shoulder to the extent that I will more than likely need surgery on it and it has became more or less useless at the moment. I don’t know why but every major injury I’ve ever had has been on my left side. But what the hell, for as they say, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.




IMG002    Gone to my happy place back soon