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As you can see by the designs below, some of the new ones are a departure compared to the recent ones. At the moment I am doing what all “tycoons” do, eating a banana watching Letterman while thinking of more goofy shit! I won’t be putting any of these on the site until next week. Have to finish editing all our paypal buttons first as well as finish a new project, Refinishing an old kitchen cabinet from 1928 that was my grandmothers. I got it when my mother died last year and I had always told her, for the past 30 odd years, that I would refinish it and when I am done I will post the before and after pictures for this thing is in really bad shape. But whe I am done, it will be fantastic.


Well this freakin Sucks!

While I was surfin the net looking for some info on the reliability of the microsoft website stats, our website uses Office Live for Business, I found that microsoft intends to shut it down in favor of a new site which we will have to pay for. Now, this in of of it’s self is not a big deal. What I am pissed off about is that I had to do a search fo something vaguly related to it to find it out. why in the hell didn’t they let the ones with sites know this crap before hand? According to what I read, we have till Oct of this year to make the switch. But even what I did find was simply the bare bones it seems of what they might be planning, come on guys, stop beating around the freakin bush. Just how screwed are office live users anyway?



I downloaded the android app for wordpress so I can post to this blog from anywhere. The problem is that although I get to it when I post an entry from the laptop, I cant get to it by any other means. At the moment, I am trying to chill on a easter sunday, having a cold one and a shot of tequila watching the cars go by on the front deck. And I get this hassle that is about to ruin what otherwise would be a good chill. This is only the 2and time this year that I have been able to due this, weather has been really lousy, and I don’t need the hassle. you see, in the summer, I like to chill out here when I think up the goofy, freaky stuff that goes on the shirts and alike. sometimes I even get a good freak show go by.


Well, it had to happen sooner than later, after putting it off as long as we could we can wait no more. In the past 4 years we have had the cost of what we pay for shirts go up 3 times. The first time wasn’t a big deal, but after the last two we don’t have a choice but to raise our prices on our shirts effective May 1st. Only on our shirts mind you, the hats and mugs will stay the same. In addition to that bad news, there’s our spring cleaning when we discontinue certain designs that are either outdated or haven’t sold well. This year, that count comes to 6. The good news is as you can see below, we have plenty of new designs to replace them.


Screw tiger blood I am 100 percent lone wolf   All hail the leafIn leaf we trust  nothing tastes better than size zeroPlease do not feed the model  iam not just a bitch I am the original bitch



Why should the rednecks have all the fun, for years we’ve heard that you might be a redneck if… Now it’s all good and well to make fun of rednecks, that’s why God put them here. But what if your not a redneck?

Introducing the “You might be a pothead if” shirts. A group of designs that if you answer yes to 3 or more of them, then there is no doubt that you are indeed a pothead. And Freaky Tee’s are the only ones that have them!!


you know your a pot head if evey story begins with we were really highyou know your a pot head if the meaning to life is roll lick and smokeyou know your a pot head if you named the triplets bud doobie and mary janeyou know your a pot head if you named the triplets Herb Bud and Mary Janeyou know your a pot head if your autobiography is called waiting to inhaleyou know your a pot head if your bumper sticker says honk for hempyou might be a pot head if you named the twins Bud and Mary JaneYou might be a pothead if whenever someone says hi you say yepYou might be a pothead if you tYou might be a pothead if you thing being stoned to death is a damn fine way of going outYou might be a pothead if your bong is taller than your dog