Well, it had to happen sooner than later, after putting it off as long as we could we can wait no more. In the past 4 years we have had the cost of what we pay for shirts go up 3 times. The first time wasn’t a big deal, but after the last two we don’t have a choice but to raise our prices on our shirts effective May 1st. Only on our shirts mind you, the hats and mugs will stay the same. In addition to that bad news, there’s our spring cleaning when we discontinue certain designs that are either outdated or haven’t sold well. This year, that count comes to 6. The good news is as you can see below, we have plenty of new designs to replace them.


Screw tiger blood I am 100 percent lone wolf   All hail the leafIn leaf we trust  nothing tastes better than size zeroPlease do not feed the model  iam not just a bitch I am the original bitch