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two weeks ago we were to raise our shirt prices by $3.00, from $12.00 to $15.00. And although that has happened on the newest designs, it has yet to happen to all of them simply because I haven’t edited all the paypal buttons yet. I have either been to busy or I have been finding excuses not to get back to it. Raising prices is my least favorite thing to do, but when your barely making a profit due to suppliers raising their prices, what else can you do? Below are new designs from last night that will be posted to the site by tonight.



About an hour ago it was announced that a U.S. Special Forces team had finally caught up with Osama Bin Laden and sent him to hell. That deserves a freakin shot of tequila and a few beers, the only problem is that I ran out of beer last night and I never drink liquor without a chaser. But come morning I fully intend to get some freakin beer and celebrate that bastard being dead. I admit that it isn’t right to celebrate a persons death, but in this case, it would be wrong not to!