Have you noticed lately how people are even more divided than they where before? It would seem as though certain elements inside both the GOP as well as the Tea Baggers are intent with stirring up things even more than they were before Congress woman Gilffords was shot by that nut case. When I look at the comments on various news stories and issues it appears as though we as a nation are intent on ripping ourselves apart piece by piece. It as occurs to me that that was the same thing that happened in Germany in the 20’s before a certain corporal was elected to power. Yes folks, dear old Adolf was elected, he did not seize power. It was handed to him on a silver platter.

I am a Democrat and a liberal and I am proud of it. I also had family that were in the camps and do not want to see that ever happen here. I voted for Obama in 08 and will vote for him again. And I am distressed to see tha the party of Lincoln has become so radical as to wage war on this countries poor and middle class just so certain ones in the GOP can maintain what amounts to an obscene lifestyle built on the bones of the people. An old saying goes that “Whenever peaceful evolution is denied, it only makes violent revolution inevitable.” Wake up America before it’s to late.