I, as most people have been reading the newspaper and listening to the news about the flap in congress over the debt ceiling. And it must be nice that those morons in the house can just up and say that “sorry, even though we owe you and promised to pay you we’re not going to because we don’t feel like it.” The self righteous S.O.B.’s in the GOP, or as they think of it, G.ods O.wn P.arty would rather see this country destroyed than work with a black president that refuses to be an Uncle Tom. They are ignoring the old saying that wherever peaceful evolution is denied, make violent revolution inevitable.

Wake up you dumbasses, the American people are tired of your BullShit! If I and 98% of the rest of America has to pay they’re fair share in taxes, Then so do you. Wake up before you find yourself put up against the wall when the revolution comes.