This week with all the bickering over the debt ceiling I have been hanging around the comment section over at the Huffington Post. And have come to the conclusion that a lot of the GOP are delusional. Now people that are delusional are very dangerous, for when you challenge their delusions they tend to want to bit your head off. And presenting them with the facts sends them deeper into their Fantasy Land that Faux News promotes 24/7. Well, being that it’s agaisnt the rules to call them a “Dumbass” I have sorted to using the spanish word “Pendejo” which of course means “Dumbass.” I also created a new design which is below, The “Julio Pendejo” is derived from an old friend now passed away. Whenever he wanted to mess with some one he world call then Julio Pendejo or in other words, Julio Dumbass. Which in my way on thinking suits Congress to a tee.