Tonight there was a story on the Huffington Post about the grandson of Emilio Zapata who is an illegal working as a waiter in Texas. The comments were to say the least some of the most hostile I have ever read. I do not like bigots or racist’s and called one out a real nasty one. He threw a tantrum like a freakin 2 year old.

Now I have Native American blood and take pride in that fact. And pointed out that by rights, unless you are a native American your an illegal that just didn’t leave. Which is both true and kinda funny if you put it in a certain light and you would have thought I was the lowest of the low. I never realized how many whites truly hate anyone who isn’t until tonight. I am not saying that all whites are bigots, but there’s enough that are that give everyone else a bad name.

When will we learn that there is just one race….the human race.