A few months ago the was a report on the net that Google was going to challenge Facebook with a new service called +1. It made news at the time due to so many people subscribing to it that it crashed the servers. Now though, it’s back up and today I’ve been setting up a +1 account. I admit that the interface is kinda goofy, but anything has to be better than facebook, though again, I will admit that I am not really into that either. I guess I am just old fashioned but to me, social networking is interacting with people face to face, not just on the net.

Another thing has come to light, it was reported today that they managed to send something faster than light. Seems the swiss have sent a neutrino, which is a strange atom anyway, faster than the speed of light, and that is not, according to Einstein, possible. They are so in disbelief that they have asked Fermi lab here in the U.S. to try to confirm the findings. Now that says one of two things, either they did indeed measure it wrong, or God is having fun and decided to change the rules in the middle of the game. I have always said that God has a demented sense of humor, you can see it everytime a repubafreak or a CONserviTWIT opens their mouth. But someone once said that if man every figured out the universe it would suddenly disappear to be replaced by something even more Bizarre, of couse personally I think that has already happened.